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I keep six honest serving-men, they taught me all I knew. Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.

~ Rudyard Kipling

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Business development

Business, Peter Drucker reminds us, may seem like a carefree game of chance that any donkey can only win if he is ruthless. In reality it is a science and not an intuition. If you don’t study it, you don’t know it.

Adimer wants to help companies to bring to light the swan that is in them, through the knowledge of Marketing and Business management rules.

After defining the difference and the correct positioning on the market, we build a long-term vision, having very clear potential and objectives. In every business it is important to understand what to do, but more important is to understand what not to do.

The market, like the Lord, helps those who help themselves. But, unlike the Lord, the market does not forgive those who know not what they do.

~ Warren Buffett


Marketing is a branch of the economy that is often confused with inspiration, intuition, motivation, poetry, creativity, personal taste. In reality it means knowing the traffic rules on the market roads to be followed every day to exchange the value we have created.

It’s not a question of exhibitionism or pose, it’s about getting to the customer’s mind, where decisions are made. And as with any path you take, the goal must already be clear in mind. It can be very dangerous to put the arrow on the right and turn left!

Exchange is to cultural evolution as sex is to biological evolution.

~ Matt Ridley

Strategic marketing

To develop a concrete business strategy it is essential to have a precise picture of the company business and of the market opportunities.

This is where Adimer’s investigation starts, with the creation of a case study consisting in the study of the specific market and its actors – customers and competitors -, through the SPIN analysis (Situation, Problems, Implications and Needs) and SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). A consistent work that looks to the future of your business.

On this basis, mission, market objectives, positioning, business model and plan of activities within and outside the company are defined.

The issues related to the price, the creation of value within the life cycle of the product or service, the promotion and the choice of the right communication and distribution channels are then addressed. If you have recognized the 4 P’s of the Marketing mix, you are ready!

The entire project, constantly shared with the customer, is developed in compliance with criteria of integrity and consistency with corporate values and needs.

Exchange is to cultural evolution as sex is to biological evolution.

~ Matt Ridley

Operative marketing

We lived in the world before we talked about the global market.
Now that this concept is on everyone’s lips, it is simply essential in business management for us.

Those who still see barriers and fear of neglecting the internal market for the outside one, give up that international breath which is the salt of growth. Whatever the size of a business, it must be able to seize the opportunity to be in a global system.

Adimer accompanies you in identifying market-rich niches and offers you the tools to guide you on your conquest journey.

Through the construction of targeted and coherent communication for your audience, Adimer guarantees you the landing place where you will have all the space to express your talent.


In translating the Marketing strategy into actions, Adimer realizes a 360 degree managerial consultancy. The intervention involves the creation of processes capable of creating value, through the definition and sharing of the business strategy.


Strategic plan

value creation