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You are in the market, you have no right to remain silent. Anything You Say Can Be Used Against You

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Who we are

Adimer combines the strategic consulting services of Marketing & Business management with those of the Communication Agency in a single reality.

In collaboration with the client, Adimer builds and develops the brand building strategy and the marketing plan through the creation of coordinated and integrated communication tools online and offline.

Adimer also offers market research, internal training and personnel selection services, assisting the customer in business management.

A company must create a “position” in the customer’s mind. Positioning is not made with the product. It is made with the customer’s mind..

~ Al Ries & Jack Trout

Our services


Market research and analysis, construction of business plans and marketing plans


Brand Buidng and creation of online and offline communication and promotion tools.


Training of staff and sales force according to internal marketing.

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How do we operate?

We are for the tailored suit and the menu à la carte.

You can contact us when you feel the need for the well-being of your business, whether you are at the beginning, or in the middle of the journey (or wading!).

Our approach is flexible and it corresponds to your needs and priorities. We don’t want to judge you, but to help you.

The one size fits us tight, the set menu displeases everyone.


We listen carefully to your needs. We tiptoe into your reality to collect all the material needed to improve you. Together we define objectives, times, methods and costs.


We conduct a careful analysis of the market context in which your company operates to help you to focus: value chain, competition, players, audience, development trends.


We submit a development plan to integrate with your contribution of ideas until approval to have a project deeply shared in the methods and objectives.


We guarantee a timely delivery of the expected results and a final or periodic evaluation of the objectives achieved.


The deep knowledge of your reality, acquired through collaboration, becomes added value in a perspective of continuity in communication and marketing projects, promoting coherence and incisiveness to your message.

”…Meanwhile, sincere congratulations for the brochure. It has an international breadth and it sincerely leaves me speechless. You have gone beyond all expectations.”

"In your work you find a now rare commodity today, the thought ... Congratulations, in this sense it is certainly unique, recognizable, appreciable! See you soon"

“…I am very impressed with your work and thank you. Regards. Ripton. London. UK.”