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Love of knowledge echoes in our hearts and nourishes great thoughts.

~ Socrates

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In every moment of its life, the company is in the market to exchange value. It is here that stakeholders and customers go in search of new business opportunities and topics, useful for their purchasing choices. Communication plays a crucial role in this dynamic and is a critical success factor.

Communication is essential to translate a company’s business into benefits for its audience. But the rules of the market are complex and each company is unique.

Only communication based on the knowledge of these rules and the awareness of one’s own value guarantee the meeting between supply and demand.

Exchange is to cultural evolution as sex is to biological evolution.

~ Matt Ridley

The company creates much more value and culture than can be poured into a single product or service.

All the value generated by the company corresponds to a coordinated and integrated communication.

Coordinated and integrated

The company creates much more value and culture than can be poured into a single product or service. To this totality it corresponds a coordinated and integrated communication.

The offer with which the company presents itself on the market is given by a combination of factors: Product, Price, Promotion, Place (distribution), Person, Process, Perception and their sub-categories, most of which are intangible. These are the ones that cover the largest share of the value map (80%) and the ones that represent the difference in the customer’s mind.

A non-professional communication, which does not assign the right weight to the components of the Marketing mix, erodes value and penalizes the offera.

Strategic Content of Communication

The Strategic Content of Communication is the basis of the Coordinated and Integrated Communication: a reasoned combination of content to be declined in traditional and digital communication tools.

CSCs are what the brand tells about itself and every corporate choice (BigQ, Mission, Strategy, R&D, Innovation).

The CSCs are the ones that form the Value Map in the mind of the purchasing decision makers and thus translate themselves into a competitive advantage.

In this way, the brand adopts a Market-oriented language rather than a Product one, and this means including all the intangible part of the value (80%) essential for identifying and differentiating the product.

Brand building

The brand is the most important asset with which the company conquers its market space. The brand must represent a serious, rich and eloquent promise and at the same time the guarantee of that intangible value, equal to 80% of the offer.

Starting from the study of the name and the basic contents, passing through the graphic form, colors and font, Adimer carefully takes care of all the aspects of the brand creation process.

The work is completed by the manual for the use of the logo and, if required, “The guidelines for the use of the Brand”, a fundamental tool for the consistent management of the brand by all the actors involved in the business chain.


Ideation and realization of innovative and performing websites, with a clear and immediate design, able to effectively guide the user in navigation and present the company with character and linearity. All our sites are built with open platforms, they are responsive and optimized for the main search engines.

Upon request, we take care of hosting and domain management, maintenance and updates systems.

We also deal with e-commerce: from realization to maintenance and continuous implementation.


We create and manage textual and visual content for traditional and digital communication. The quality of our content, distributed through studied editorial planning, is the prerequisite for a coordinated and continuous activity, measurable over time.

We can develop copies in Italian and in English. For the other languages, however, we are equipped.


Digital tools and activities have two fundamental characteristics: they are dynamic and measurable.

We develop and monitor targeted digital marketing campaigns, through careful optimization (SEO), careful data analysis and with the help of the best dedicated software.


Adimer can support the company in the relations with customers, partners or suppliers by entrusting external activities, such as international trade fairs and other corporate events.

The choice of these activities, their programming over time, the professional management of all organizational aspects, content and coordinated image are all aspects that can transform them from cost to investment, with a significant ROI for the company.

Based on its own experience, Adimer is able to manage these aspects in the best possible way with a clear overview, to create new opportunities and maximize results.


If we want to capture the attention of a potential business partner, the message must be clear and persuasive.

The most useful tool for this purpose is the institutional brochure that explains business decisions and offers the reader a complete presentation of the brand. Through the Company profile, the reader makes an horizontal excursus in the history and goals of the company, which touches all points of the value map.

The Company profile was born on paper, but its content will then be poured into all digital channels and adapted for other communication materials, from presentations, to advertisements, to events.


Each product or service is the sum of the value created by the company.

The catalogue must therefore represent this value in the recognizable form of the product collections. Each one will be presented with precision in its details, managing to transfer the benefits that they are able to achieve in addition to the technical characteristics.

The catalogue is a fundamental communication tool of the company for those who buy your products, but also for those who sell them


Traditional or digital media campaigns carefully designed to promote products and services or increase brand awareness.

Adv campaigns are activities necessary for the life of the brand and its products, to achieve and maintain positioning.

By creating a strong emotional impact on the recipient, with authentic content, the expression of a real value, the brand, through the campaigns, is able to leave memory of its competitive advantage.


Packaging is what appears first, the “dress” that makes the appearance arousing expectation on the product with character and determination.

A key function for the success of the product and the communication of its value that the packaging must be able to suggest and emphasize through an accurate study of shapes, color choices and content.


Study and design of graphical UI interfaces according to the principles of the User Experience for the development of Web Apps, touch screen systems for the control of technical equipment, Landing page and any organized form of graphic elements that allows the interaction between the end user and the digital tool, intuitively and coherently with the client’s needs and image.

With the collaboration of a team of programmers, Adimer assists you in the development of Apps from concept to system architecture, to the study of the UI for all platforms..