In a brothel we speak business. In business we speak of sex of angels. Let's speak business in business!

Big Question

Brush or meet?

The Market is the place where we go every day to exchange the value created by each one of us. The customer enters the market in search of a partner. He needs a valid reason to make his decision and then to expound, in turn, this choice to his customers. Instead, what does he face? A chorus that says everything to everyone and nothing at all to anyone: “Leadership, passion, genius, brillance, dynasty, enthusiasm, research & development, innovation, total quality, creativity, we listen to the customer…”. Bikini, spike heels, white flash chunks, all dancing and flying around with the utmost enthusiasm trying to bamboozle the other player to become their partner. Children who caress their own feet, heralds of the total submission to the Customer, the King… of the Free Market. Distressed cacophonous people jumping around shrilling, yelling out: “Passion, enthusiasm, happiness”, while running after other people who, in turn, run unabated. All of them with beautiful watches but with no time to think and decide. Which is the quality of the decision taken on the dance and fly?

Repeat or change?

Not all people, companies, and countries are in crisis. It’s a matter of choice and behaviour. According to 2013 estimates Netherlands, with only one fourth of population, exported the same as France (576.9bn$ vs 578.56bn$). Germany exported 1,493tn$, USA 1.575 tn$.

The beautiful news?

The Free Market is the only way to the happy future. Let’s take out the best of each one of us filling the gap between the right and the wrong choice. Let’s walk and talk as businessman.

The most exceptional endeavour, hearken to me, is to be normal.
~ Lucio Dalla